Bargains and new series

Well, I’m discovering how it took me a year to get through The Iron Queen. I keep getting distracted by shiny new books from other authors I love. Namely, Amanda Hocking.

Spent last Saturday doing some therapeutic book shopping, and my oh my…Made a run up to Half Price Books and found what I’ve been searching for for over a decade. A hardback, very minty copy of The Test of the Twins. For $7.99.

The book I’ve seen go for $800 on eBay is now mine for 1/3 its original MSRP. Can we say Nerdgasm? =-)

Also ran to Barnes & Noble and finally found Amanda Hocking’s newest book, Wake. I have to say, I started reading it IMMEDIATELY and pretty much didn’t stop. If I had been off work Sunday I would’ve been up all night reading and finished it in one shot. I’ll do a mini-review in another post, because it deserves it’s own space.

Now I’ve been side-tracked yet again, this time by another series from author’s that are new to me. The Noble Dead by Barb & J.C. Hendee. I honestly don’t know how I’ve missed this series until now, especially with the tagline on the first book in the series..

Dhampir US Cover Magiere, Leesil and Chap - saga-of-the-noble-dead Photo

[Image from]

Lord of the Rings meets Buffy??? Where has this book been all my life?!?!

Anyway, I’m 1/3 through Dhampir already and I’m loving it. I also love the word Dhampir. Regardless of how you say it. Dam-PIRE. DAM-peer. It’s an awesome word.

Oh, any the story’s pretty good too. And I saw someone on Goodreads say that Leesil (a blond half-elf) reminded them of a drunk Legolas. They are so right, and now this image is stuck in my head.  And Chap is only making me want a dog that much more.  Time to start cracking down on the Puppy Fund!