Hello world!

Well, it looks like I’m once again jumping into the blogging world. Let’s see if I actually keep up on it this time, or as usual, forget that I even started one.

My inspiration for starting this blog, this time, is to drive myself to read more. After checking up on my Goodreads profile and seeing that with less than four months to go till 2013, I am sitting at 27 books read out of my goal of 100 for this year, I’m more than a little ashamed of myself; 27/100 is an “F” any way you slice it, and my inner bookworm is shrieking in horror at this.
So maybe, just maybe, if I give myself another spot to comment, review and rant about what I actually DO read, I may end up reading more. We’ll see. Seeing as that’s kind of the whole point of Goodreads in the first place, and I’m obviously not keeping up with that either, I don’t hold out much hope that posting here will make it better. But again, we’ll see!

If nothing else, I may use this as my “What-I’m-Doing-Instead-of -Reading-Like-I-Should-Be” space.

And if I pick up a few new skills that I’m planning on trying out soon, I might merge this into a crafting blog too….maybe. But who am I kidding. If I can’t focus long enough to read, I doubt I’ll make myself craft either. But just throwing it out there!




One thought on “Hello world!

  1. How do I not know about this blog? I’m with you on the “life and consistent blogging is hard, man”. I give mad props to the women who support their families with a full on blog that is monetized. Can’t say that I share the same reading choices as you but I do love to read! Hoping to see more of your posts soon! And blue people… unless it’s Mystique or Beast, I’m clueless! 🙂
    (I’m honored you put me in your “blogs I follow” list!)

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