DARPA developing new implants for ‘healing superpowers” – Mark of the Beast? Probably, but it doesn’t matter because you’re already marked – Health & Wellness – News – Catholic Online

DARPA developing new implants for ‘healing superpowers” – Mark of the Beast? Probably, but it doesn’t matter because you’re already marked – Health & Wellness – News – Catholic Online.


Thus is why I have such a love/hate relationship with technology. On the one hand my phone gives me incredible opportunity to learn about what’s actually happening. On the other, reading things like this make me want to throw the thing on a bonfire and become Amish.


Also, I find it interesting that the Catholic church is sharing this kind of thing, while the American evangelical church is, for the most part, silent.


Going in a new direction…

Anyone following this blog has probably seen my posts lately (or reblogs, or commentary on blog posts) have taken a pretty different turn from what I initially started this blog for. And since I’m still getting that “F” for fail on my reading stats, I’ve decided to do something different here. 

I still plan to do book reviews whenever the mood strikes, but I feel like I should be using this platform for more important things. Certain things it’s difficult to post on Facebook for one reason or another, and there’s been many times I’ve stopped myself from posting things that I should have just because I didn’t want to hear the backlash from family or friends. Should that have stopped me? No. Did it? Obviously. I tend toward keeping things neutral to a fault, and I need to work on that. Conviction is an amazing thing. 😛 

So I’ll primarily be using this blog now to vent my views on current events, prophecy, and whatever else is going on. And then using the Facebook sharer wether I like it or not. 


 It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to our enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends

– Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

It’s Coming to America…. To Where We Live

This worries me more than I like to admit. I’ve heard this info from a few people now. Dates like September 11th (obviously), and October 4th/5th have been thrown out for this potentially happening. What’s interesting here….remember the whole Siri iPhone thing about the gates of hell opening and closing? If I recall, the closing was the 5th of October, maybe the 6th. Not saying I buy it, or that the whole Siri deal wasn’t a glitch or prank by the Apple crew. But still, it’s interesting.

It’s Coming to America…. To Where We Live.

In my opinion, just stay away from the malls. Save some money, 99% is crap we don’t need anyway.


Memorial Day

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Dad6My father who is about to turn 94 and is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, served in WWII where he was a captain in the infantry. He landed on the beaches of France in the D-day invasion and was wounded there, shipped back to England for 6 weeks and then rejoined his division. He fought from hedgerow to hedgerow, in soggy fields, dense forests, liberating villages, pushing back the Nazis and then marched into Paris.
He fought in the Battle of the Bulge, which was the Nazis last stand before they were thankfully defeated. He was awarded two purple hearts, the Bronze star, and other medals.

No one de-programmed him when he came back from the horrors that he had seen, “over there.” He married my mother dressed in his uniform. There is a picture that I have of him when he arrived back in the states, where Dad looks disturbed…

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Holocaust Remembrance Day

Never forget.

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holocaust.#3jpgCommentary & Analysis


L. A. Marzulli

It has been 69 years since the Auschwitz concentration camp was liberated. Auschwitz was a death camp, a factory where over 1.1 million people were gassed or worked to death. If you or I could somehow go back to 1944, a year before the camp was liberated, we would have reeled at what we would see. The mind can barely grasp the horror of that place.

It bears the signature, in my opinion, of the fallen cherub, the prince of the power of the air, the destroyer of mens souls, Satan. I believe that the Holocaust was a deliberate, luciferic, ritualistic, blood sacrifice, that opened the gates of hell. It was another attempt to destroy the chosen people, and the blood of the innocent cry out even now.

When Israeli president, Benjamin Netanyahu stood before the United Nations general assembly a few years…

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Bargains and new series

Well, I’m discovering how it took me a year to get through The Iron Queen. I keep getting distracted by shiny new books from other authors I love. Namely, Amanda Hocking.

Spent last Saturday doing some therapeutic book shopping, and my oh my…Made a run up to Half Price Books and found what I’ve been searching for for over a decade. A hardback, very minty copy of The Test of the Twins. For $7.99.

The book I’ve seen go for $800 on eBay is now mine for 1/3 its original MSRP. Can we say Nerdgasm? =-)

Also ran to Barnes & Noble and finally found Amanda Hocking’s newest book, Wake. I have to say, I started reading it IMMEDIATELY and pretty much didn’t stop. If I had been off work Sunday I would’ve been up all night reading and finished it in one shot. I’ll do a mini-review in another post, because it deserves it’s own space.

Now I’ve been side-tracked yet again, this time by another series from author’s that are new to me. The Noble Dead by Barb & J.C. Hendee. I honestly don’t know how I’ve missed this series until now, especially with the tagline on the first book in the series..

Dhampir US Cover Magiere, Leesil and Chap - saga-of-the-noble-dead Photo

[Image from fanpop.com]

Lord of the Rings meets Buffy??? Where has this book been all my life?!?!

Anyway, I’m 1/3 through Dhampir already and I’m loving it. I also love the word Dhampir. Regardless of how you say it. Dam-PIRE. DAM-peer. It’s an awesome word.

Oh, any the story’s pretty good too. And I saw someone on Goodreads say that Leesil (a blond half-elf) reminded them of a drunk Legolas. They are so right, and now this image is stuck in my head.  And Chap is only making me want a dog that much more.  Time to start cracking down on the Puppy Fund!

A Book From Hell

Right….So early this morning I finished reading A Job From Hell by Jayde Scott.


I’m still trying to figure out why I forced myself to keep reading this. I’m also trying to figure out why this book has so many 4 and 5 star reviews.

I’m giving it 2 stars. And that is being more than generous.

What I liked about it:

Well this is a short list. Well for one, it’s about vampires! What’s not to love? Two, I loved the secondary characters. Kieran, Clare, and Cass were fun to read. Kieran and Cass’s constant verbal sparring was pretty enjoyable. Until we got to the climax of the book, and the sparring is taking place while there’s supposed to be a build-up to nail biting drama. But wait, this is supposed to be what I liked. Right.

Aiden, the “leading man” was okay most of the time. The narrative splits up between his POV and Amber’s, and his chapters are the only ones where we find out what the hell is actually going on with the supposed plot. Kind of, I mean I still don’t understand the whole thing with the race, the jewels, and what exactly the whole point of it all was. Also, I get the thing about “finding your mate, and it’s your OOONLY mate so you love them regardless of anything”…but my God, after a week of Amber’s BS I’d be ready to true death her. But what does he want. To turn her, to be together forever. There’s such a thing as being TOO blinded by love, or lust, or mate brain bond or whatever, and Aiden is a perfect example of that. Well, that’s about it. Aiden, Kieran, Clare, and Cass, MOST of the time were the only reason I kept reading.

What I hated:

Oh dear God. This calls for bullet points.

  • Amber, our main character. Annoying, bitchy, McDonald’s obsessed little twit.
  • The plot. I still don’t get it. In summary. Aiden saw Amber randomly one day, fell in looove! So he stalks her and her family and puts out a newspaper ad for a housekeeper, which she of course applies for. So he hires her so he can get into her pants head and make her fall in love with him two. Because they’re soul mates and meant to be. Mwaahaha.  A few days after she starts her “job” her dipshit brother Dallas comes to visit her and stumbles across a cabin full of jewels somewhere in the woods around Aiden’s house. So he gets Amber to sneak out of the house with him to steal the jewels. The jewels are something to do with a Paranormal Beastie Quest for a book of spells or something. I still don’t get this. Aiden, being a paranormal beastie, totally cheats and chains the other beasties to a tree so he can get the jewels. But Amber’s already found them. And in a fit of dumb luck, picked them up in the right sequence so that she wins The Sight. I don’t even know what happens after this. But Aiden knows she won, Amber sees ghosts, and idiot Dallas takes the jewels to sell on the black market or something. Somewhere in here Amber starts having feelings for Aiden “cuz he’s HOTT!!” but is torn because her ex only broke up with her temporarily. So she calls him, a bimbo answers his phone, and yay! now she’s free to get with Aiden! Until she finds out he’s a vampire. Then she gets pissed, quits her job (which she wasn’t doing anyway) and wants to go home. Aiden tells her he needs her to go to the edge of death(by letting him feed on her awesome blood), go into the Otherworld and find THE BOOK for him so he can do some voodoo and be a non-blood drinking vampire and go tanning on the beach. She agrees to this, for reasons I have yet to understand. So they go to a graveyard, Aiden feeds on her and nearly kills her, she goes into the Otherworld bitching and making unfunny jokes the whole way.  She finds the book, bitches her way back into the real world, Clare teleports her back to the house to recover, and some creepy fairy (who previously kidnapped Amber but is now helping?) does the voodoo sunlight spell on Aiden and he passes out. Somehow he ends up back at the house just in time to nearly get staked by his child and lose most of his blood so he can’t turn Amber, who’s pretty much flatlining by this point. I would have been okay with both of them dying and the book ending here, but of course, there’s an epilogue-ish final chapter. Let’s just say that at the last line of the book…my exact reaction was, “You. Ungrateful. Bitch. Thank GOD this book is over!”
  • Editing. Character development. Plot development. Even after writing that summary, I still have no idea what the point of the whole thing was. Books like this are why I have issues with self-publishing.

I could go on and on raging about this book, but this will be the last. Succubi. As if there weren’t enough paranormal beasties running around, she throws in Succubi. And sadly, even though the Succubus was the evil bitch character, I was kinda rooting for her. I think she was the only character who pretty much had a legit reason for what she was doing, warped as it was.

So yeah….I’m not touching the rest of this series, even if it does spin off with some of the characters I liked. I’m pretty sure the author would make me hate them by the end, so I’ll just leave them here.


Finished The Iron Queen on the 7th!  Just getting around to writing a review cause I’ve been sick, meh.
Very good, but I’m so relieved that Ms. Kagawa didn’t end the series with this book. I started reading it under the impression it was a trilogy. Luckily, before I finished this one, The Iron Knight came out, so I had some idea that it would continue on. Unless of course, she was doing a Midnight Sun….fortunately not. =)  I’m sad to see that the series is ending (apparently) with Iron Knight, but I see there’s also a collection of novellas just released too, so I’ll be checking that out soon as I finish the last book.

Unfortunately though, I did get the tiniest bit spoiled on something that would happen at the end of this book. But after speculating the entire time I was reading today, I still didn’t guess it 100% right and managed to be somewhat surprised at how it played out.

Overall Iron Queen was very enjoyable. I could say predictable in some spots, but whatever. When you deal with Oberon, Titania, and Mab, how is anything not predictable? But speaking of Mab…I really did like the brief glimpse we had of her actually giving a crap about her son for once. The Ice Queen melted just a little, aww.

As always, love the chemistry between the trio. And Puck. Gosh, I think he may have grown up just a little. Looking forward to seeing more of him and Ash interacting in Iron Prince, its bound to be awesome.

Hello world!

Well, it looks like I’m once again jumping into the blogging world. Let’s see if I actually keep up on it this time, or as usual, forget that I even started one.

My inspiration for starting this blog, this time, is to drive myself to read more. After checking up on my Goodreads profile and seeing that with less than four months to go till 2013, I am sitting at 27 books read out of my goal of 100 for this year, I’m more than a little ashamed of myself; 27/100 is an “F” any way you slice it, and my inner bookworm is shrieking in horror at this.
So maybe, just maybe, if I give myself another spot to comment, review and rant about what I actually DO read, I may end up reading more. We’ll see. Seeing as that’s kind of the whole point of Goodreads in the first place, and I’m obviously not keeping up with that either, I don’t hold out much hope that posting here will make it better. But again, we’ll see!

If nothing else, I may use this as my “What-I’m-Doing-Instead-of -Reading-Like-I-Should-Be” space.

And if I pick up a few new skills that I’m planning on trying out soon, I might merge this into a crafting blog too….maybe. But who am I kidding. If I can’t focus long enough to read, I doubt I’ll make myself craft either. But just throwing it out there!